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Gfx Securities
تهدف شركة Gfx Securities إلى تقديم افضل الخدمات الممكنة
في مجال التداول والإستثمار في الأسواق العالمية
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والتي تتناسب مع متطلبات السوق ورغبة عملائنا الكرام
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Who us

We are a Bahrain Company broker specialized in providing brokerage services in the field of securities and providing logistical support to investors

Our vision

That investors trade with full awareness and knowledge in the global markets and develop the trading environment in line with the requirements of the financial market

Our Mission

We work to develop the field of trading and established the idea of investing in the global markets in the simplest way and the highest international standards and quality in proportion to the potential of investors

Our values

We, at GFX Securities, are proud of our established Islamic values, so we are keen to provide Sharia-compliant accounts with transparent commissions.

Gfx Securities

 Gfx Securities
The best Forex trading company registered in the Middle East
Provides trading services in currencies, commodities, gold, stocks, training and recommendations

منصة ميتاترايدر5 || GFX securites

The best trading platform in the world as it is a very strong, fast and secure platform Therefore, Gfx Securities is keen to provide this platform as it is the best choice for its clients

Support all devices

Safe wallets

There are no hidden commissions

Support all languages

Why choosing us as a broker is the best choice for you

Gfx Securities aims to provide the best possible services in the field of trading and investment in the global markets as we want to provide the highest quality with the best international standards that are compatible with the market requirements and the desire of our valued customers.

customers service


Minimum deposit




Number of clients


Our trading platform uses a direct order routing system

Known system (STP)

Types of accounts with GFX Securities

Accounts are automatically upgraded upon reaching the next minimum package





















Are you new to this amazing world of forex trading?

If so, then reading the information will help you learn all the basics of trading and get an initial overview of how to start changing your life for the better, start now and our team will always help you.

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